Innovate with Shell

Innovate with Shell

Do you have an idea or technology that could transform the energy industry? Your idea, product, business model or technology could be what we are looking for.

No single company can develop all of the advanced technologies the industry will need in order to tap increasingly challenging resources and meet growing energy demand. This is why we are working with others to solve complex energy problems faster and more cost-effectively – connecting with creative minds far beyond the boundaries of our company and industry.

We would like to hear from you if you have an original idea – from unproven to ready-to-deploy – that tackles a challenge relevant to our business. We may be able to offer you funding, laboratory and research space, professional coaching, or access to markets and manufacturers – essentially everything your idea or technology needs in order to grow move forward faster.

Discover our innovation programmes, and which could best meet your needs.

Shell GameChanger

We connect with innovators and creative communities to identify, and support, unproven ideas that have the potential to drastically impact the future of energy.

Shell Technology Ventures

We invest, either as a venture capitalist or development partner, in companies to co-develop novel technologies relevant to our business.

Shell TechWorks

We collaborate with other industries to leverage their proven technologies and rapidly adapt them to solve challenges in our business.

Shell Small Business Innovation Initiative

We offer support to small businesses, helping them commercialise innovative technologies that provide fresh solutions for the energy industry.






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